Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a remote internship?

Remote internships break financial and geographic barriers. One does not incur transport, travelling, or housing costs as one can work virtually from anywhere in the world.

Flexibility is an obvious perk of working online as your projects will be based on performance, you can manage your time and have a better work-life balance.

How to maximise your remote internship experience?

  • Create a routine and establish/sync your working hours – Make sure that you share enough working time with your colleague(s) as this will give you real-time exposure and connectivity to the company and could lead to a future work offer.
  • Find time to connect with mentors – Request 15 minute “virtual coffee breaks” video calls to get to know people in different functions.
  • Don´t get lost. Communicate! – It is important to be present and be a part of the team’s day-to-day. Sending weekly email updates about lessons you have learned, projects milestones you have achieved, and any questions that you might have had during the week not only ensures that you stay connected with the team but builds communication and project management skills that are critical in your career.
  • Ask for a letter of recommendation – This is not different from a traditional internship. With the right attitude and work ethic, you will create a great impression and long-lasting connections with your colleagues and having a letter of recommendation which speaks to the impact you made on the organisation will be extremely valuable for your future experiences.

Can I get a remote internship without prior work experience?

Many companies are interested in students without work experience as they prefer providing their own training. In these cases, the company looks for a candidate’s interest in the area in which they are recruiting. For examples, some ways to show your proactiveness towards a specific field is by being part of clubs and societies in your university. Consultancies as well as Financial Services and Technology companies are really interested in students who are active in their professional societies at universities. Moreover, volunteering in specific projects related to your studies can be of great help; this counts as real world experience and companies love employees that give back and are committed to corporate social responsibility t. Ultimately, you should engage in activities that give you the opportunity to develop and highlight your skills to employers.

If you focus and try to achieve any of these plans you will have no problem accumulating enough to show up and to secure an internship.

How do you list a remote internship on your CV?

Remote Internships can be listed as professional experience on your CV in the same way you would do list other internship experiences.

You should include it under your work experience section and do not forget to include the name of the company, the team you worked for, the dates of your internships, and your achievements.

How long is a remote internship program with Remotebay?

The duration of a remote internship ranges from 2 weeks to 6 or 12 months; duration is typically driven by the educational program, the goals of the student, and the agreement between the student and the company.

How can I apply to a remote internship?

Applying to a remote internship is extremely easy!

1.      Press the Apply Here! button

2.      Create your account

3.      Fill in your personal and curricular data.

4.      Choose your vacancies and set up your priorities.

5.     Record your interview online. 

6.     We will review your application and send it to the companies.