7 Great Reasons to Consider a Remote Internship in 2021

Remote Internship Online
If there is one thing, we can say in 2020, it is that the world has changed completely and, with it, the way we work and relate to each other in the workplace. If teleworking was, until just a year ago, something uncommon and very optional in most companies, it has now become the ´new´ normal for many companies, professionals, and trainees.
If you are planning to do an internship in 2021, here are 7 reasons you should decide to do it virtually:

Eliminate Uncertainty

Doing an internship abroad right now is risky, as the current global pandemic makes it impossible for us to plan, even in the short term. We do not know if in a month or two there will be further restrictions on mobility. Opting for a remote internship is ensures success; no matter how many restrictions we face, you will always be able to use your computer to successfully complete your practice.

It Can be Done All Year Round

There are companies looking for great talent all year round. A virtual internship can be adapted to your schedule and will enable you to start gaining experience and skills that will be fundamental to your future professional career.

Opportunities without Borders

Remote internships bring the world to your fingertips; you do not have to limit yourself to companies in your geographic area. You will have, literally, all the opportunities in the world if you choose this option. Moreover, including a valuable professional experience on your CV – for example, an internship in a foreign company – is now easier than ever; all without moving from your desk at home or school.

Save Money

Remote internships reduce your daily costs; by doing it from home, you reduce the possible costs of changing residence, renting or daily transport. Even if you decide to do the internship in your city of residence, you can still save not only on transportation, but also on clothes, food, or coffee.


Most companies that offer remote internships tend to be flexible with the schedule of their interns. Although you may have to attend group meetings, trainings and weekly reviews at certain times, remote internships allow you to organize your weekly life more freely, making it easier to manage your time and have a better life-work balance.

Improve your Tech Skills

Although not being in the same office as your co-workers may be challenging, a remote internship will help you develop utility with the latest technologies in the workplace. This is a particularly relevant skillset in a world that continuously requires a better use of new technologies. Moreover, it will allow you to develop and show your future employers important skills such as responsibility, ownership, adaptability, and time management.

Save Time and Go Green

During a remote internship, you will not have to travel to your workplace every day, so at the end of your internship you may have saved not only money but also a lot of time. Moreover, by not commuting, you will contribute to reducing traffic bottlenecks, and therefore carbon dioxide emissions.

Without a doubt, teleworking is here to stay, so there is no better way to prepare for this new working world than to get started in it through a remote internship.