They are not just Interns, They are the Future of your Business!

Some of the most gratifying experiences during my time in Higher Education were those days when students came to my desk to say that they landed a job in a company that I had connected them with.

During these years I have seen so many students with no experience land an internship and, in a matter of months, become high potential employees. Naturally, this makes me wonder why start-ups – companies where arguably the presence of high potential human capital is most impactful – don´t focus more on getting young talent into their companies as soon as possible.

I have read several articles which state that start-ups cannot benefit from interns because they are not equipped with the right level of skills or experience. I cannot disagree more with that claim.

  1. You need Interns as much as They Need YOU. Many start-ups nowadays have products or services that are focused on a demographic which includes the current crop of college and graduate students. Having young talent in your business will help you validate, launch, and sell your product within this demographic. Moreover, college and graduate students are being taught the most innovative strategies, skills, and technologies that will benefit your business. Finally, if your product is geographically scalable, having an international intern will give you direct access to potential new markets and know-how in different parts of the world.


  1. They are Digital Savvy. The current college generation is pure digital; it is second nature for them to perform, study, and communicate in an increasingly digital landscape. As the world progressively becomes more technology-dependent, and as companies develop with technology at the core of their business model, it is important to employ digital natives who can easily adapt to new digital tools and tech updates.


  1. They Boost Productivity and Enhance Overall Work Environment. Interns bring real value to the business with such a low investment; they are more than an extra set of hands. A good intern can positively impact the productivity of your business, freeing your full-time staff from side tasks and enabling them to focus on more strategic projects. They take the internship as a unique opportunity to get their foot on the career ladder, and therefore, they will go the extra mile that many organisations need. With interns on board, your company will be filled with a shot of new energy and enthusiasm that particularly resonates with fast-paced start-up cultures.


  1. They Enhance your Employer Branding: The competition to attract talent is fierce. Many organisations do not have the resources to recruit directly from universities. However, opening your business to interns can make your company more relevant and attractive for other young talents. I have witnessed how companies that weren´t recognizable or obvious targets of students, became regulars and known entities at the business school because several students had a great internship experience in previous years and the word quickly spread.

With all this in mind, I genuinely believe that there is no better time to get interns to bring your business to the next level!

If you are considering creating an internship program in your company and you would like to know more about how to make the recruitment process and onboarding easier, contact me at

Rosa Montes, COO & Co-Founder

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