Top Tips to Make a Great Internship CV!

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Your CV is a crucial component of the job search; it must tell your story and what you are passion about. When applying for internships, recruiters do not expect you to have extensive relevant experience for the position you are applying for, as you have likely recently graduated or are either finishing your studies. However, recruiters do expect to see an overall picture of how the position you are applying for fits with you and your stated future ambitions.

CVs follow a common pattern that should be followed, and it is particularly important that you get it right, as doing so will open many doors for you. The uniqueness of your CV is a function of your capacity to synthetise relevant information; add appropriate content; and highlight the key details of your application.

Studies have found that recruiters spend an average of only seven seconds looking at a CV before determining whether an applicant is a fit for the position. Therefore, first impressions are crucial to performance! So, we’ve listed here some efficient ways you can make your CV stand out from pile.ext Here


In many countries, it is usual to include a self-portrait picture in your CV. For that reason, we advise you to research the CV formats of the country when applying for a position internationally. In the countries where a self-portrait is required, it naturally serves as the initial focus of recruiters. As such, it is important to present a high quality and reliable and easily approachable professional image. For example, pictures from night outs or online dating apps are not the way to go. When we talk about a professional picture, we mean a picture that supports your brand proposition to the market. This is your brand, and it is important that you keep it simple, without busy backgrounds or something that can distract the attention from the most important thing: YOU.


Begin with a brief summary of your competencies and goals as it will catch the attention of the recruiter and quickly captures your value proposition. This summary/personal profile shows the recruiter precisely who you are and enables you to make the right impression. A good example of a summary statement is: ’I am a passionate, hardworking, and disciplined person with an established track record in website design and database building. As well as outstanding leadership skills, I have good technological ability. In order to improve and extend the skills I have learned from my experience in the IT field, I am ready to be challenged.’’


Customise your CV to the job description and explain specifically why you are the right candidate for the vacancy. By tailoring and highlighting your successes to the key responsibilities of the role will help you stand out. Employers want candidates who know the position they are applying for, and the more you can prove this, the more the CV will stand out. It may take longer for you to compose your CV, especially when applying for a number of positions, but it will help you to hit the right spot, and that is time well invested in your career search.


The extracurricular activities that you have been involved in University/Masters programs during your student years are particularly important for your CV. Let your profile stand out by adding information such as memberships in a language club, public relations at student societies, president of the consulting club, etc. Many companies look at these types of initiatives when assessing young talent as it tells them what your professional interests and future ambitions are. In addition to that, volunteer work related to your studies is highly appreciated by the employers and is a great way to enhance your CV for the future.

Key Words

The use of power words would highlight your successes and add extra effect to your CV. Include terms such as adaptable, creative, accomplished, and follow up with excellent outcomes or results that indicate what you have delivered. Many firms use database software to filter out candidates who do not have these key words so make sure you research the job requirements and know what the recruiter is searching for. Moreover, review and revise your grammar before submitting your CV as sometimes common mistakes and typos can leave you out of a recruitment process.

Hobbie and Interests

Last but not least, include your hobbies and interests! Companies love to know more about the human being who is behind that CV. It is not crucial for selection, but it is a great information to have on your CV. Besides, it gives a bit of more room for conversation if you are selected for an interview.

It can be very time-consuming to build a great CV, but it is your chance to highlight your achievements and talents. The more you research the job description and the market, the more you will be prepared to make your CV stand out. We hope you have been motivated by these CV hints. Good luck with your job hunt!