Which are the Most Common Remote Internships?

 In The Student Mobility group, we have been making a research between more than 50 of our customers and these are the most common tasks.

1.- Business Development and Benchmarking Strategy:

Undoubtedly, in order to develop any international market, people need to make it happen. Many of our clients have accessed international talent, which, over time, has helped them to enter new markets and consolidate the growth of international sales. Updating databases, searching for international partners, accessing new distributors, preparation for international fairs, analysis of international regulations, and agreements with international suppliers are some specific actions that can help any company to develop its internationalisation processes. Right now is a perfect time to conduct market research.

2.- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The visibility of our companies on the internet depends on many aspects: the content, the languages in which the website is accessible, the channels through which we communicate with customers, or the search engine algorithms, among many other factors. In this sense, many of our clients have been able to substantially improve the positioning of their websites in various languages, thus bringing together new users and clients. As it is a task that has a long-term effect, addressing this task today could deliver excellent results in upcoming months.

3.- Programming.

International students studying technological development programmes are the ones using more everyday online working tools. 

4. Design.

Creating web designs, graphic design work, and tasks of this nature, which do not require a personal presence in the company, can be enabled through basic follow-up meetings and brainstorming to share ideas.

5. Others. 

Basically, any task which can be done online, which will positively revert to the company in the medium term, should be addressed now.Intern

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